The Dawn of the Age of Clicks

The Age of Clicks, 2049, and the currency of everything is the almighty Click, and only Click matters. If it can't be turned into a click civilisation doesn't want know and I won’t subscribe to that way of thinking either. There’s new inventions of 'engagement' and 'content' all to the whims and judgement of the almighty algorithm, who's having a tantrum again. Omnipresent and omnipotent gods can be like that.

We've been progressing for too long and got bored of that, so now comes a new dawn of blissful regression. Everything else is unimportant, and my followers agree.

This was Earth and its inevitable conclusion all along and it’s obvious in hindsight. Didn't a Starbucks used to be here? I don't remember and who cares? Oh, I got a new follower! Like. is a moving art gallery exhibiting art to under resourced communities around the world.

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