About Me

Nathan Hackett is a British illustrator and visual artist whose work has developed a pedantic personality and a laboured attention to detail from a love and frustration in creating. Represented internationally by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, Nathan now hides in Manchester after having exhausting all he can absorb from the suburbs of Birmingham and graduating from the Arts University College in Bournemouth (AUB) underneath the guidance of working artists such as David Callow, Joel Lardner and Marcus Oakley.

Having worked and curated on several self initiated exhibitions in that time; he has developed an interest in literature, old cinema and comic books; particularly the social critiques of George Orwell. This inspires his work in subversive and satirical narratives to express psychological and political conflict. His illustrations often feature monochromatic mark-making in pencil and ink to create intricate or three dimensional compositions that are informed by the spaces and shapes around us. To create these narratives, he employs the use of the dominating architectural landscapes and urban concrete structures we have become accustomed to as an interpretation of the nature of existing and living in its environment.

When creating these illustrations, Nathan micro sleeps on bathroom breaks and will drink inhuman amounts of coffee, which results in a handshake that is too enthusiastic.

Represented internationally by
Anna Goodson Illustration Agency
Please contact my agent, Sylvie Hamel for commission inquiries

︎ Tel: (+44)7913230371
︎ Email: Nathan.p.hackett@gmail.com
︎ Instagram: nathanhackett_illustration

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