About Me

Nathan Hackett is a complicated and multi-faceted person that resists definitions...but he is an illustrator from quintessential suburbia, Birmingham and now lives, draws and hides in quintessential suburbia, Manchester. Nathan graduated at the Arts University Bournemouth under the guidance of working artists Joel Lardner and Marcus Oakley and is represented internationally by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

His practice has an arduous attention to detail to explore and exhaust the themes in his work by building intricate compositions that feature mini-narratives of theatrical invention. His illustrations can be read slowly, encouraging the viewers investigation and rewarding their engagement and contemplation with surprises and easter-eggs, or can be broken up into more piecemeal illustrations that hit quicker and are invented to be read fast.

Championing curiosity and humour to make his work accessible, Nathan often employs subversive twists and satirical narratives that marry the familiar with more abstract ideas. Nathan utilises careful emphasis to the craft of drawing to encourage a shared intrigue and is a consequence of key inspirations in stand-up comedy and the writings of George Perec informing and driving his illustration works methodology,.

His love and frustration in creating is only interrupted with bathroom breaks, micro-sleeps and inhuman amounts of coffee that results in a handshake that is too enthusiastic.

He also wants you to know that he normally doesn’t talk about himself in third person, but was told that’s what he had to do.


Represented internationally byAnna Goodson Illustration Agency
Please contact my agent, Sylvie Hamel for commission inquiries

︎ Tel: (+44)7913230371
︎ Email: Nathan.p.hackett@gmail.com
︎ Instagram: nathanhackett_illustration

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